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Staffordshire County Championship 2015
Monday, 16 February 2015 09:49

Congratulations to all swimmers who competed at the Staffordshire County championships at Stafford over the weekends of the 31st/1st February and the 14th/15th February 2015.

There were plenty of excellent swimmers with lots of swimmers achieving personal bests.

With Newcastle swimming club achieving 6 senior titles and 9 Junior titles. In total 41 podium places, with the junior Newcastle girls achieving Gold, Silver and Bronze in the 100m Butterfly (Polly, Rebecca T and Rebecca C). As well has Polly Holden breaking 3 Championship records, Senior 200 Free, Junior 200 Free and Junior 100 Free.

In the age group there was 26 Gold, 19 silver and 18 Bronze.

There was also 42 Midland Regional Times (MQT) achieved.

Well done also to Rebecca Twardochleb in a very exciting and extremely close 100m Free swim off in a time of 1.02.28 against Eliza from Chase who swam 1.02.29.

A big thank you to all the parents who helped poolside, Jill Jones Head coach for all your hard work, being there all weekends and for helping the swimmers to achieve amazing swims yet again at the Staffordshire county championships. Thank you also to all our other coaches Steve Brown, Ellie Jones and Sarah beech for all your hard work.

Senior titles - 6 in total

Polly Holden- Gold in 200m Freestyle championship in a Staffordshire senior record time of 2.04.59, Gold in 50m Fly in 30.10, Gold in 50m Freestyle in 27.44

-Silver in 400m Free, Silver in 100 Fly, Silver in 100 Free

Rebecca Twardochleb -Gold in 200m Breast in 2.40.94

-Silver in 100 Breast, Silver in 50 Breast

-Bronze in 50m Fly, Bronze in 200m I.M

Marcus Williamson- Gold in 200 Fly in 2.08.67, Gold in 100m Fly in 58.11

-Silver in 200m breast, Silver in 50m Free, Silver in 50m Fly, Silver in 100 Breast, Silver in 50 Back

-Bronze in 50m Breast, Bronze in 100 Back, Bronze 200 Back

Junior titles- 9 in total

Polly Holden- Gold in 200m Free in a Staffordshire junior record in 2.04.59, Gold in 50m Fly in 30.10, Gold in 400m Free in 4.30.63, Gold in 100m Fly in 1.04.74, Gold in 100m Free in 58.16 in a Staffordshire junior record, Gold in 50m Free in 27.44

-Bronze in 200m Fly

Rebecca Twardochleb- Gold in 200m Breast in 2.40.94, Gold in 100m Breast in 1.16.62, Gold in 200m Fly in 2.31.29

-Silver in 100m Fly, Silver in 50m Fly, Silver in 50 Breast, Silver in 200m I.M, Silver in 100m I.M, Silver in 100m Free

Bill Jones -Silver in 1500m Free, Silver 400 Free

-Bronze in 200 Breast

Rebecca Chadwick- Bronze in 100m Fly

Medallists and MQT’s

Rebecca Twardochleb- Gold 50 Breast (MQT), Gold 100 Breast (MQT), Gold 200 Breast(MQT), Gold 50 Fly (MQT), Gold 200 Fly, Gold 200 I.M (MQT), Silver 100 Fly (MQT), Silver 100 I.M, Silver 400 I.M (MQT), Bronze 100 Free.

Polly Holden- Gold 400 Free (MQT), Gold 200 Free (MQT), Gold 100 Free (MQT), Gold 50 Free (MQT), Gold 100 Fly (MQT), Silver 50 Fly (MQT), Silver 200 Fly, Silver 800 Free (MQT).

Bill Jones- Gold 50 Breast (MQT), Gold 100 Breast, Gold 200 Breast (MQT), Gold 400 Free (MQT), Gold 1500 Free (MQT), Gold 400 I.M (MQT), Silver 100 free, Silver 200 free, Silver 200 I.M, Silver 100 I.M

Mario Coman- Gold 100 Free (MQT), Gold 200 Free (MQT), Gold 100 I.M, Gold 200 I.M (MQT), Gold 200 Fly(MQT), Silver 100 Fly, Silver 400 Free (MQT), Silver 1500m, Silver 100 back, Silver 200 back (MQT), Bronze 400 I.M (MQT), Bronze 50 Free, Bronze 50 Fly (MQT).

Marcus Williamson- Gold 50 Fly (MQT), Gold 200 Fly (MQT), Silver 200 Breast, Bronze 50 Back (MQT), Bronze 200 I.M (MQT), Bronze 200 Back (MQT), 100 Fly (MQT), 100 Back (MQT), 50 Free (MQT),100 Free (MQT), 50 Breast (MQT), 100 Breast (MQT)

Rebecca Chadwick- Gold 50 Fly (MQT), Gold 100 Fly (MQT)

Tom Stanley- Silver 100 Fly, Silver 100 I.M,  Silver 50 Free, Bronze 100 Free, Bronze 100 Back, Bronze 50 Fly.

Charlie Evans- Silver 100 Breast, Bronze 50 Breast.

Tom King- Bronze 200 Free, Bronze 400 Free

Elise Weavell- Bronze 200 Free, Bronze 400 Free, Bronze 800 Free

Cara Shipman- Bronze 50 Back, Bronze 100 Back (MQT), 200 Back (MQT).



Boys 14 year 1st Mario Coman and 2nd Bill Jones 



Polly Holden- 1st place 16 year Fly, Free sprint, Free distance.

Rebecca Twardochleb- 1st place 16 year old Breast and I.M, 2nd place 16 year old Fly.

Marcus Williamson- 1st place 17 years plus Fly, 2nd place 17 years plus breast, and Back.

Cara Shipman- 2nd place 14 year Back

Elise Weavell- 3rd place 16 year Free distance.


Well done to everyone, even if you didn't get a medal or PB you all swam amazing. 

For Full results click here 


Glenthorne friendly gala
Sunday, 08 February 2015 14:41


Well done to all our younger swimmers who swam in the Glenthorne friendly gala at Cheslyn Hay last night. All the children swam well and seemed to enjoyed themselves.

Hope fully  we will see all you participating in more galas in the future


Well done




Third British Championship Time
Sunday, 08 February 2015 14:38


Well done yet again to Polly Holden on achieving her third British Championships time on the 50 free 27.40 sec




City of Derby level 1 open meet
Friday, 23 January 2015 13:28


Congratulations to all the swimmers who competed in the recent City of Derby meet at Sheffield on the 10th and 11th January, there were some excellent swims with most if not all swimmers achieving PB. 


Most outstanding performance was from:

Polly Holden in achieving 2 British Championship qualifying times in the;

100m Free in a time of 58.87 sec

200m Free in a time of 2.07.72 

Polly will now compete at the British championships in April at the Olympic park in London. 


Swimmers who competed were as follows;

Cara Shipman, Ethan Lawton, Mario Coman, Tom Stanley, Tom King, Rebecca Chadwick, Rebecca Twardochleb, Bill Jones, Polly Holden and Marcus Williamson 

Full results available by clicking here 





Summer closure 2015
Saturday, 27 December 2014 14:44
This is advance notice before you book your summer holidays that the swimming club will close  from Friday 14th August to Monday 31st August 2015
Training is as normal from Tuesday 1st September 2015

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